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In order to build strong and long-lasting relationships trust is fundamental, and to win, a methodical structure is needed. With our CRM system Cirrus 2 and our way of thinking, you get just that.
We have over 15 years of experience selling, building and developing CRM systems. Over time, we have succeeded in developing and refining a method that has repeatedly proven to work well for both us and our customers.
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Our method

Stronger, more efficient and warmer sales.

Do you really need a method when you have a CRM system? Perhaps not. But we have 15 years worth of customer success stories that prove that it creates stronger sales. Our vision is to make your sales calls warmer. Therefore, we see ourselves as a value-creating partner that strengthens sales teams with relationship-building tools. Thus, we are simply a bit more than just a regular CRM provider. So no, you don't have to have a method as a base to stand on - but it’s considerably much better if you do. Jump aboard and experience the power of Cirrus CRM!

Sales — the Care Of way


Structure and method are our area of expertise. That being said, the very first thing we start with is to find out what you as a customer want to achieve. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin and what you want to achieve. That is where we come in and help you define a goal and set milestones to aim for.


There is a fair amount of evident and less evident data to produce and process within your company. The more we know, the greater difference we can make. Together we will go into depth and explore what your reality and ways of working look like today. We’ll look at your current sales methods and use all our experience to optimize your work.


Once we have gathered all the information available about the current situation, the insights will come. We make clear and effective suggestions on how you as a sales team could work in the future. Together we’ll refine the plans to satisfy your needs, then we are ready for the implementation phase.


This is the step where the changes truly begin. Now the actual implementation of our CRM can commence enabling us to optimize and integrate according to your unique business and customizing the system to fit all your needs. We are with you all the way during the implementation and arrange workshops, provide training in tools, sales and offer constant follow-ups to ensure that you feel confident.


With growing success comes new opportunities and challenges. Our goal is to never stop evolving and we wish the same for you and your business too. That's what is great about relationships. The more we evolve together, the stronger the bonds to your customers will be. Let's do this thing!

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CRM that fits like a glove.

With the help of our customizable CRM-system Cirrus, we create structured sales teams with a focus on better sales. The sky is the limit!

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