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Cirrus CRM - Grow, nurture,
automate and optimize your relationships.

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A CRM that fits like a glove.

CRM - customer relationship management - is based on the idea that good customer relationships create great sales. Every company and sales process is unique. Cirrus CRM has everything that you need, but if you need that little extra we can customize it to fit your organization precisely. And with the help of our expert sales team, we will help you optimize and implement your most efficient CRM tool yet. Our CRM system helps you grow and it grows with you.

Three reasons why you should use Cirrus CRM

Simple, smooth and user-friendly

Cirrus CRM is easy to use and simple to understand no matter how much you're used to CRM-systems.

Motivating and inspiring

Cirrus helps you structure your sales process and motivates you to reach your goals. No matter how high you set the bar! The goal with Cirrus is to inspire and help you follow up on your plan.

Cloud-based and mobile

You can work efficiently directly from your mobile or tablet with the same power as in the office. In a world that's always online, you never know when an opportunity will appear.

Features you'll find in Cirrus CRM

Your biggest opportunities at a glance

Energize your admin day and make it your most insightful day. Cirrus CRM aims to support you through your entire day and helps you get more done faster. Less admin, more energy.

Shine at your next forecast meeting

With just a few clicks, your forecast is updated with weighted values and your sense of the deal. Smart reports allow you to showcase how fast you’re approaching your sales targets and how you can plan even better.

If it’s moving, the deal’s alive

Get an overview of every deal’s activity, status change, movement, and milestones. This amazing view tells you at a glance which deals are winning and which ones need that extra push.

Cirrus is data driven

KPIs are important which is why Cirrus CRM automatically displays lifetime value (LTV), activity rate, visit rate or any other metric that is valuable to your business. Our experts will help you implement the most effective KPIs that reflect your core metrics.

Analyze and segment your customers

Cirrus CRM lets you integrate with multiple systems and services that you are already using. Analyze previous purchases, activities and quickly understand who your A, B and C customers are. Only focus on the deals that will help you overachieve.

It’s easy to take care of your most important relationships

We made it easy for you to manage hundreds of customers and prioritize your time between them. Sort activities and tasks by customer base and set a plan for each one. Analyze your activities and understand if you truly spent most of your efforts with your A customers.

For a team on the Go!

For a sales team that is closing deals on the field, the Cirrus CRM Mobile app makes spontaneous information accessible and actionable. One tap to send an SMS, email or making a call. Never move around again in the dark when there’s a world of opportunities all around. Win even on the go.

Plan your road trip

Quickly map out your most important prospects and customers and plan your sales road trip.

Never miss anything. We help you remember everything

Smart activities help you to remember a call in two weeks, an upcoming contract update in 12 months and everything else you should not miss in order to reach your sales targets. Use the filters, lists, and overview to always stay on top of everything and stay in control at all times.

Automation is for robots

Focus your time building customer relationships and leave the rest to our automation intelligence. Hand over the repetitive tasks to Cirrus CRM to manage by creating your own rule recipes.

Vad kostar marknadens bästa CRM-system?

Med Cirrus 2 och Care of får du mer än bara ett CRM-system. Du får en hel filosofi att luta dig emot. Med Cirrus 2 blir det enkelt att hantera information om dina kunder på ett smart sätt. Välkommen att skaffa varmare säljsamtal, välkommen till Care of.


295 kr/mån

I Cirrus 2 startkit har vi bakat in det mesta som du behöver för att öka ditt sälj och bygga värdefulla kundrelationer.

  • Kundkort
  • Kontakter
  • Aktiviteter
  • Säljmöjligheter och säljtavla
  • Kalender
  • Dokument,
  • Gamification och tävlingar
  • Dashboard
  • Kartor
  • Mobilapp
  • Bcc koppling av e-post
  • Företagsregister, Alla Bolag
  • Språkstöd (eng/sve)
  • Egna fält
  • Import av data via Excel
  • Export av data till Excel
  • Chat samt forum/selfservice
  • Bevakningar
Startkit + Tillval

Utökad version

Cirrus 2 kan utökas och tillämpas med ett stort antal funktioner för att passa ditt företag och era utmaningar. Pris lämnas mot offert.

  • Integration Outlook
  • Integration Google Calendar
  • Analys av aktivitetsnivå
  • Offerthantering
  • Målsättning, KPI och budget
  • Leads
  • Order + analyser
  • Triggers
  • Sälj TV
  • Behörighet - avdelningar/roller
  • IP telefoni integration, clicktocall
  • Prospektering genom Alla Bolag
  • Dokument >X MB
  • Personlig kundsupport och kundansvarig
  • 3e partsintegrationer:
  • API för egna integrationer
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp integration
  • ERP (Fortnox, Visma, Jeeves, Dynamics, Pyramid, SAP, mfl...)

With the help of Care Of and Cirrus it's much easier to make smarter analyzes.