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About Care Of CRM

Who are we?

Our mission is to provide innovative software and optimize the way organizations work by offering creative solutions.

And how do we do that?

By providing top-class CRM software!
Our goal is to make our users love their work tool and for the management to see actual results. In short, we see ourselves as a value-creating partner who helps our customers strengthen their sales team.

Let us tell you more about our story!

Let's head back to 2001

2001 - The company is founded

Our company is founded. Well back at this time, we were not named Care Of CRM and our workforce contained 1 whole person, our founder. By this time our founder was working as a consultant helping other companies create awesome software actually. But it did not take long until...

2005 - Our first version is out

We launched the first version of our CRM, SaaS from the beginning - and it was called "Direktportalen". We had our first customers joining and using the platform. Around this time our main features was focused around sending e-newsletters.

2009 - CRM Portalen is here

Time for the next version of our CRM - CRM Portalen. CRM Portalen had now grown into a platform containing features for sending e-newsletters, managing customers, contacts, intranet and invoicing. We also renamed the company to CRM Portalen around this time.
In 2009 we were 3 employees working full-time, growing organically all the way.

2014 - Cirrus is released

We were finally hitting the market with Cirrus CRM. Our years of experience had taught us that we could make big difference in sales, and that became our main mission with Cirrus. People were still using client installed CRM made for IT technicians around this time, so we had really found our mission. We were now 7 full-time employees and we had some really big companies up and running in our platform.

2018 - Care of CRM is born

After almost 2 years of hard work - CRM Portalen rebrands into Care Of CRM. Years of development made it clear that we had grown out of our old costume. New name, new logo, new website, all new but still running for the same mission! Things didn't stop there, we we're also about to launch our latest CRM.

2019 - Cirrus 2 enters the market

We launched our next CRM - Cirrus 2. Endless hours of blood, sweat and tears. Proud and pleased we welcomed our first users into the platform right away. New platform, new UX and UI design, new integrations, new features, new apps etc. And if you ask us - we're only just starting.

2020 - Care of CRM is typing...

A complete CRM-partner.


Yep, we been in the game for a quite a while. Constantly working to help Sales Managers understand how their sales initiatives relate to their business results.

How do we do that?
We provide them the most important sales tool there is – CRM.


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We are running a blog where we share articles about topics that relates to our and our users businesses. Sales, Customer Success, how-to’s, Cirrus news etc.

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