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Customizable CRM that fits your growing business' needs

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A sales tool for established companies

Every company and sales process is unique. Cirrus CRM has everything that you need, and if you need that little extra we can customise it to fit your organisation precisely. And with the help of our expert sales team, we will help you optimise and implement your most efficient CRM tool yet.

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Why Cirrus CRM?


Identify what’s most valuable for your business and optimize.

Help your sales team identify, prioritize and explore your current relationships

  • Segment your customer base with the help of real sales data from your ERP and finance systems
  • Quickly deploy tasks and activities
  • Focus on your A & B customer base along with your pipeline of prospects
  • Identify new hot deals
  • Close and celebrate

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Quick overview of all deal movement

Now easily get an overview of the status of deals that are about to close or the ones that need a little push and even the ones that are not moving at all. Remove the dead opportunities and help your sales team focus on the opportunities that matters.

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For a team on the Go!

For a sales team that is closing deals on the field, the Cirrus CRM Mobile app makes spontaneous information accessible and actionable. One tap to send an SMS, email or making a call. Never move around again in the dark when there’s a world of opportunities all around. Win even on the go.

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Cirrus is data driven

KPIs are important which is why Cirrus CRM automatically displays lifetime value (LTV), activity rate, visit rate or any other metric that is valuable to your business. Our experts will help you implement the most effective KPIs that reflect your core metrics.

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Automation is for robots

Focus your time building customer relationships and leave the rest to our automation intelligence. Hand over the repetitive tasks to Cirrus CRM to manage by creating your own rule recipes.

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Integrations and API


Works with your existing tools and workflows. Fortnox, Visma, Alla Bolag, Mailchimp, GetAccept, Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Zapier and more.


Ready to get going?

Let our team help you!

It’s not easy to find the right CRM that suits your business. Our team are more than happy to help you with questions och finding out if Cirrus CRM is the perfect match for you.

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Cirrus CRM for me is a tool for keeping control of our customers. Both presumptive and existing, in a systematic and proactive way. It is vital for our survival.

Hans-Eric Almebäck CEO, Europeiska Motor
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Let’s grow together

Our goal is to never stop evolving and we fully wish the same for you and your business too. Without your success, we would not be where we’re at today. Feel free to read some of our customer success stories and how their journey went.

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Who are we?

Our mission is to make sales more productive. Therefore, we see ourselves as a value-creating partner that strengthens sales teams with relationship-building tools. Thus, we are simply a bit more than just a regular CRM provider.

Let us tell you more about our story!

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