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Start-up and planning

A successful CRM implementation requires a well-thought-out start-up project. We work according to a proven project plan divided into several steps. A start-up team from Care of CRM leads the work and documents the process.

Import and configuration

We help you configure Cirrus CRM so that your terms and working methods are clearly visible in Cirrus. It is important for a successful start. Then, we import your existing customers and prospects into Cirrus CRM. We have import templates in MS Excel that are easy to use. Many customers want our help in importing this data, but you are very welcome to do it yourself if you want to. Your choice!


Maximize the benefit and power of Cirrus by integrating Cirrus CRM with your ERP system. With current sales statistics collected on each account and with easy-to-use analyses, a new dimension opens up for what you and your sales team can achieve together with Cirrus. In this step, we also activate other integrations to the platform. For example, Outlook connection for syncing calendar and e-mail.


Cirrus is easy to use, but there are many great features that everyone needs to get to know. It is therefore important that everyone gets a chance to get to know Cirrus in a good way and our user training courses are an important part of the start-up process. The number of courses and it's content are adapted to your business.

Recurring contact for further development

Your start-up team leads and documents the entire process. After you have been in business for a while, your Care of CRM contact will reach out and together you will go over what went well and what may need to be adjusted to become even better.

Together, we continue to work together to achieve maximum benefit from Cirrus CRM!

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CRM for established companies in traditional industries

Cirrus CRM has a modern and user-friendly expression that aims to digitalize mentioned companies. The focus is to simplify everyday life and enable a move into a modern and proven way of managing customer relationships.

By providing relevant information, everywhere, it is ensured that the right actions take place at the right time. The simplicity creates both ambassadors for Cirrus CRM and prosperous companies in the long term.

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Our product

CRM for established companies in traditional industries. Develop, nurture, automate and optimize your customer relationships.

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When you choose Cirrus CRM, you choose a user-friendly CRM known for its modern interface. From SEK 500/month.

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