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Taking care of
Åbro Bryggeri.


Åbro Bryggeri is Sweden’s oldest family-owned brewery with a turnover of about 1 billion SEK a year and exports to about 30 countries.Upon our first meeting, we were told that they had an old custom CRM system that was starting to become obsolete and no longer met their specific requirements.

They contacted around 10 different CRM suppliers, but had yet to find found a system suitable to support their high demands despite thorough searching.


Once we started to get into the world of Åbro and had an overview of their working methods and sales data, our impression was that they wanted to find an equivalent system to their existing one.

We discussed sales, relationships and working methods instead of just talking about systems and features. In turn, this gave them new perspectives and ideas of which direction to take in order to grow.

They wanted something that could do everything the previous system could do, but that was way more adaptable with the possibility of developing parallel to the path the markets buying pattern went.


In 2014, our collaboration became more tangible and the sales people started to really use Cirrus. We have since, found new uses and adapted the system continuously to fit their working methods.

Today, the sellers, management and barrel service staff all work in Cirrus and everything is directly integrated with Balans (business system with open API) thus gives full insight on sales statistics, change of purchasing patterns, contract fulfillment etc.

We are very proud to take part of Åbro’s journey and we are constantly focusing on moving forward and growing together.

“With the help from Care Of and Cirrus it make it much easier to do smarter analyses. I always have the latest information with me when I'm away visiting the customer. This in turn, constantly makes us a little better. ”


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