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CRM for companies who are working on the field

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Scale your team with streamlined workflows

Cirrus Fieldsales is a CRM tools for businesses who are working D2D or with events. Managing a team with all members out on the field requires structure and easy-onboarding workflows.

Who is Cirrus CRM + Object for?


Cirrus Fieldsales will provide the team with predefined workflows, made for working with tablets or laptops. The streamlined workflow guides the user from start to finish, and thereby lowering the risk of mistakes for back office.

The user has access to maps for easy navigation, scripts and files for presentations and gamification elements for engangement and feedback.

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What you get


Your team doesn’t have time for dodgy navigating. Cirrus Fieldsales maps out all the prospects or customers with just a click.

Digital signage

Make it easy for the customer to buy and sign the order right away and lower the percentage of lost sales.


Being out on the field can get lonely sometimes. Boost the engagement-level with gamification elements in Cirrus Fieldsales. Instant feedback, toplists and rewards will keep the energy up!


Integrate with your current systems

Cirrus CRM and Object can be integrated with your current systems. Reach out and we’ll let you know what integrations that are available!

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