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Cirrus CRM version 2.6

Release day Thursday January 21st

What’s new in version 2.6?

In this update we are releasing a lot of great stuff, both news and upgrades. We are adding two new add-ons, Performance Week and Advanced Export. The update also contains a new way of managing users and will help larger organizations to manage their users in a much smoother way. In addition to this, we’ve made some updates in the workflow in Cirrus. If you have any questions regarding the update, please feel free to reach out in the chat, or by email. You can reach us at


What's new?


Performance Week

With Performance Week, we’ve paved the way for reaching goals with ease. Your entire team will become elites which requires continuous, challenging and structured training.

With this add-on, you’ll be working with what we call objectives. The objectives are tasks your team needs to do in order to reach their budgets. The objectives are followed up on a weekly basis on the dashboard. By focusing on these objectives, it will be easier to define the what the strengths are and where there are challenges. This opens up for constructive and rewarding dialogues internally and minimizes  doubts about what to do next. Objectives in Performance Week are based on activities, opportunities and leads.

Psst! Did you like CRM-points from our previous version of Cirrus, Cirrus 1? Then you’ll love Performance Week! Reach out and we’ll tell you more!


Advanced Export

How to take you CRM to new customized levels? Export to Excel!

With the add-on Advanced Export you’ll be able to choose exactly what data to export. Use the search terms and choose which fields you’d like to include in the exported file. You can also choose if you want to export the full search result or of you just want parts of it. Advanced Export is available in ALL list views and analyses.

For this add-on, you can activate monitoring. The monitoring will send an email to a defined (by you) email address when someone makes an export in Cirrus CRM. This to ensure that your data is controlled and not taken outside the organization without permission. Safe and sound!


User management

We’ve completely remodeled the list view for users in Cirrus. This to help our customers who are managing larger teams. The update will give  administrators a view that’s easier to navigate. We’ve moved the user management page to the main menu (on the left side in Cirrus). The new user management page has the same design as our other list views. Easier to manage!
In the list view, the administrator can benefit from the integrated features, such as filters and bulk updates.

To add a new user in Cirrus, head to the + button on the top panel.


Stronger connection between Leads and Accounts

In the version we’ve improved the connection between a converted lead and an account. Now, when you’ve converted a lead, it be shown in a much more “straight forward” way.

The improvement makes the feature easier to navigate.


Preview Resource

All list-views in Cirrus has now got this awesome, time saving feature. If you hover the cursor over any resource, a preview window opens. This window gives you fast insights about the resource. For example, if you hover over a contact, you’ll be able to see the the latest activities related to the contact, the account the contact is related to, opportunities related to the contact etc.

Try it out!



Expand description and result in Activities

Not enough space to write when you’re about to summarize your meetings? We’ve got you covered. In the latest update it’s now possible to expand the window with just one click.


Upload documents from the Account

It’s now possible to upload a document (or any other file of your choice) directly from the account. An awesome request from one of our users that we decided to make reality. Thanks for that!

This update also contatins…

Translations and bug fixes. Do you have any questions regarding the update? Please feel free to contact us in our chat or email us at!


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