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Cirrus CRM version 2.7

Release day Friday April 30th

What’s new in version 2.7?

In this update we are releasing a lot of great news, both new features and upgrades. The add on Quote has gone through a big update and now supports uploading your own templates and sending quotes directly from Cirrus. We’re also launching account budget, a feature for those of you who want’s to set the goal on growing specific customers. Other than that, we’re also launching updates in the design and smaller feature updates to improve the workflow. If you have any questions regarding the update, please feel free to reach out in the chat, or by email. You can reach us at


What's new?



The biggest update in version 2.7 is our new quote management. With an increased demand for new functionality in quote, we are now launching a major update in how you create and manage your quotes in Cirrus CRM.

You’ll now be able to create, print or send your quotes directly in the workflow, upload unique document templates for your different business areas or languages, send the quotation directly via email, open or save.

Quote is now an independent resource in Cirrus, which means that it does not require any connection to an opportunity as before. This change is made to support businesses who have very short sales processes. But, if you work with longer sales processes you’ll still have great benefit from linking the quote to an opportunity to get a forecast.


Account Budget

We’ve broken down the total sales budget in Cirrus CRM by offering functionality to set a budget on an specific account. The budget is set annually and monthly and can be followed directly from the account.

This is awesome for the sales team, no doubt about what I am expected to sell on each account.



We also made articles a free resource in this update, this to access the awesome functionality that we now have in all of our views. Thanks to this update, you can now user filter and search extensively in the article register that you have stored in Cirrus CRM. You can also save filters and bulk update articles directly in the interface.

With this update you’ll now be able to add articles one by one from the add button. You will now find articles in the main menu under the heading other.


Update in bulk has a new design

We have moved the bulk update to a drawer on the right hand side in each listing. The update will make the workflow smoother and faster for our users.


Preview Calendar

In version 2.6, we launched preview of resources.
However, we were missing a preview from the calendar. Say no more – now there is also a preview in the calendar. Hoover over your activities and move on to connected accounts or contacts directly.

This is a great time saver! Less clicks!


Import has moved

In the latest version, imports have moved out of settings in to the main main menu. You will now find imports under the heading “other”. Faster and easier to reach!


This update also contatins…

Translations and bug fixes. Do you have any questions regarding the update? Please feel free to contact us in our chat or email us at!


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