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How to nail a productive web meeting

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Publicerat: 06 maj – 2020

The web meeting has been around for a while, and it’s here to stay. In today’s day and age, we buy from all over the world, and physical meetings are not always doable. If your business is not up and running with web meetings yet, you need to jump on the band-wagon right now. This will save you lots of time and money!


First of all – the web meeting itself doesn’t have to be very different from a physical. And a web meeting doesn’t have to be a second hand choice just because a physical meeting can’t happen, the web meeting should be your first hand choice if you don’t have endless of money resources.

Here are some tips on how to perform a productive web meeting:

Before the web meeting

  • Think twice before you invite participants. Just because it’s easy to join, it doesn’t mean everyone has to.
  • Test the technical aspects before the meeting starts. This will save you and your participants lots of valuable time.
  • Choose a quiet place when you join the meeting. Being able to join a meeting from wherever may sound tempting, but actually it can be quite frustrating if all participants is surrounded by buzz.
  • Send out a meeting-agenda to all participants a couple of days beforehand. This will allow all participants to prepare for what’s to come and it will also make the meeting more productive.
  • Make some time for a meet and greet. If the agenda require at least 1 hour, at least schedule 5 minutes for a meet and greet, we’re not robots 🙂

During the web meeting

  • Keep your webcam on! Can’t address this enough, joining a meeting with video will make the meeting personal and alive, and also – it will help you stay present in the meeting.
  • Stay ahead of the meeting. If you’re the one who has put together this meeting, you need to be ahead. Just like a physical meeting, someone needs to keep everyone on track so you can follow the agenda.
  • If there are several speakers in the meeting, you may consider giving each speaker a time frame. If the meeting is 1 hour and you have 5 speakers, give each person 10 minutes to talk – this will make sure that everyone gets their chance to talk.
  • Make sure someone is taking notes. Having a protocol of what’s been said, decided and what’s been pushed to the next meeting is golden.
  • Use each others names. When in a web meeting, it’s hard to know who someone is looking at. Involve all participants by asking for their specific input, “What’s your input on this, John?”

After the web meeting

  • Send a copy of the protocol from the meeting to all participants when the meeting is over. This will come in handy if you have a followup meeting or if you need to go back to what was said and done. The protocol may also come in handy to people who weren’t present in the meeting – send it to them too.
  • Invite everyone to the follow-up meeting right away. Since you know that they’re all present by their computers, send the invites right away.


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