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Things you forgot a CRM can help you with

Publicerat: 15 oktober – 2019

We’re here to remind you about all the wonderful things a CRM can do to help your business grow! A CRM is the intelligent all-in-one software that any sales business needs.

    1. Cut time on on-boarding new colleagues

      Cut the time in half getting your new colleagues up to speed with your business. By adding a new user in your CRM, the newbie will have access to all information needed instantly in order to quickly catch up with the more experienced sellers. Having all information in one place makes it easier for new staff to learn and for experienced staff to teach.

    2. Decrease internal buzz

      How much time have you spent in your work-life chasing after colleagues? Asking them to call back a customer, don’t forget to send that presentation, don’t forget to book that meeting etc. We ain’t got time for that in the 21st century, right? Your CRM is the place to assign customer ownerships and todo’s to each other without the hassle of trying to reach out. And also, the other way around. Having someone reminding you of stuff you’ve already done? Ain’t got time for that either. Just check the CRM, you’ll see what I’ve been up to and what I haven’t.

    3. Route planning

      Sadly, teleportation has yet to be invented, so route planning is very important. With maps integrated into your CRM system, you get an overview of your customers locations. When you’re out in the field visiting customers and going to meetings you have relevant location data at hand, so let’s say your planned meeting is cancelled, why not swing by another customer or lead and show some love? Maybe you skipped breakfast one morning and left earlier than intended and have some time to kill before a meeting, why not check which other customers are on the way and schedule an impromptu breakfast meeting? This shows engagement and consistency which can result in warmer relationships and an increase in sales.

    4. GDPR

      Bla Bla Bla GDPR, am I right? You might be bored of hearing about GDPR by now, but don’t look away just yet. Here’s what’s good with GDPR regarding your CRM.
      A good CRM system allows you to manage roles and permissions, which lets you implement different levels of user access to make sure that only the right people have access to sensitive information. Your customers have the right to have any of their personal data removed with immediate action. In a CRM you have all data located in one place which means that you most likely only have one copy of each of your customers data and once erased, the likelihood of data mismanagement or accidentally contacting them again is very slim.

    5. Managing suppliers and partners

      Sure, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. But who said that your CRM isn’t just as perfect for taking care of your suppliers and partners? The more the merrier. Keeping track of these relationships and actions is just as important. Segment, map out contacts, schedule meetings, store documents, use reminders etc. If you haven’t started with managing these business relationships in your CRM yet, you should start straight away!

    6. CRM will grow with your business and always stay relevant

      Relevancy ties into consistency. A modern CRM is consistently growing and will do so along with your business. As most CRM systems today are customizable and flexible, any changes your business go through, your CRM will support. New business system to integrate? No problem! Increase in staff and customers? Got you covered. No changes are too big or small for your CRM to handle.

    7. You can use it on the go as it’s cloud based

      Most CRM’s today are cloud based meaning you don’t have to go to an office at the end of every day out in the field to log all your administrative tasks – you can do the on the go! Throw away your notebook at sticky notes and log your activities in real time. As a busy sales person you most likely have several meetings and client visits every day, and instead of writing the contact information of a new lead on a piece of paper or, don’t even think about it – your hand, you bring out your tablet or smart phone and log the information then and there to your CRM account.

    8. Email integration – you don’t even have to switch application in order to send an email

      Syncing your email account to your CRM will save you so much time, and everyone knows that time is money. Instead of closing your CRM application and go to your email application, you simply sync the two and voila – you can now send emails straight from your CRM! Add some templates if you send a lot of similar emails to save even more time!

    9. Use triggers to automate your workflow such as activities and projects.

      Triggers are extremely useful and can be used in numerous ways to create an automatic workflow. This tool allows for setting up automatic actions such as an email to be sent out when a deal has been won and closed, a follow up activity to be created 3 days after a meeting has been held or an automated follow up activity to the account manager when a new account with the type Prospect has been created for them. This fantastic feature is ideal for sellers who have a lot on their plate, and need some pressure taken off.

    10. API Integration – Integrate business softwares with your CRM

      An effective way to increase profitability and productivity is to integrate your other applications with your CRM. The main benefit of integration is that you will have all information located in one data base. This will in turn help decrease data entry mistakes and removes the need of having to access multiple systems in order to get the whole narrative of your projects.


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