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Tools we love, and why you will too!

Publicerat: 13 december – 2019


For us, Slack is the place to communicate at work (and sometimes even outside worktime, for good or bad). E-mail is starting to feel old-school sometimes. In Slack you create a workspace where you divide conversations into topics in what’s called ”channels”. Inviting only people who have an interest about the channel topic makes is less “buzzy” at the workplace. More than sending messages in channels, you can also send direct messages, call eachother, create polls, set reminders, send GIF:s, emojis, documents etc. We’ve connected our Slack workspace with our other apps, for example – when a new deal is signed in GetAccept a message is automatically sent in Slack to everyone for celebration. We’ve created the connection through Zapier.


Are you hosting meetings and presentations online? Then you should try Whereby. The best thing with Whereby (formerly if you ask us is how convenient it is, no one who joins needs to download anything, not even create an account. Just make sure all participants has internet, a webcam, a microphone and your personal link. In the ”meeting room” anyone can share their screen and chat. Each room has 4 available seats for participants for free, more participants can join if you upgrade to a paid plan.

Qualifier is awesome if you’re a sales person struggling to make time for prospecting. Qualifier is a AI-bot that makes the first contact with a lead FOR you, without you doing anything. All you need to do is lend your e-mail account to the bot, write an interesting first e-mail for it to send and choose your target group. Soon you’ll be served with hot lead straight to your inbox, that’s a win!

Soon you’ll be served with hot leads straight to your inbox.

Get Accept

Get Accept is a platform for e-signature. But more than ”just” getting that document signed, Get Accept also provides document tracking, live chat with the receiver, video for personalization and more. You’ll get to know if the document has been opened, reviewed, forwarded etc. One of the big wins we saw directly with sending contracts and quotations the digital way is the reducement of time until sign. Having to ask the receiver to print, sign and scan (or post!) a contract is not 2020 if you ask us.


Zapier is an automation tool that makes it possible to connect apps. We use Zapier in many ways to minimize administration and level up our productivity, here are some examples of connections we use:

  • Adding new users from our platform into Mailchimp for newsletters.
  • Sending a message to everyone in Slack when a new deal is signed in GetAccept.
  • Adding new leads to Cirrus when they sign up on our webpage.

Zapier has a library of more than 1500 apps, making it possible to integrate tools in various ways. Not sure where to start? Check out the explore section on their website for inspo!


Mailchimp is a marketing platform. Mailchimp can be used for the basics as sending newsletters but in most cases, it’s used for much more. You can create automated e-mails, landing pages, ads, social media posts, signup forms, audiences etc. We think Mailchimp is super easy to work with, even if you’re a newbie, and that’s why we like to recommend this tool. Antoher plus is the wide range of integration possibilities, Cirrus CRM being one of them. Win-win!

Antoher plus is the wide range of integration possibilities. Cirrus CRM being one of them.


If you’re not ready to learn complex graphical tools, this is for you. Canva is a tool for creating pretty much anything grapical in a simple way – social media posts, presentations, ads, infographics, logos, whatever you need. We love how easy this tool is to work with, you have access to a wide library of icons, illustrations, photos, fonts etc. Don’t miss out on their templates, they’re perfect for inspiration!


Grammarly is an extension installed to your browser. The extension keeps track of your spelling and helps to provide corrections if needed. Simple and very useful!

Jira from Atlassian

Jira is great if you’re a team working agile. Jira is a platform with big potential, but works just as good for the start up as the enterprise. The tool itself doesn’t require a lot of work to get started, and when you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can customize it to make it fit your business. We like Jira especially for more complex issue tracking!


What we love about Trello is how simple it is. Set up a board to share ideas, plan an upcoming project etc. The overview is our favourite with Trello, we love dividing stuff into the classic kanban-board, it makes it so easy to get a grip of things.