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What is CRM?

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Publicerat: 03 januari – 2020

What is the main reason that your business is up and running? Your customers. 
If you don’t have any customers, you also won’t have a business. So how can you get new customers and keep the ones you already have? How do you go about nurturing the ones you have and get new ones to come on board? 

The answer to above questions is CRM. 

But what is CRM? 

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, in other words it means that it’s a system that helps you manage interactions and build better relationships with both potential customers and existing ones. With a CRM you will have a more structured and organized workflow. It can remind you of important tasks, identify important sales opportunities and keep track of campaigns.  

But how is it structured and what kind of data is relevant to import and where? 

A CRM gives you the tools to organize your leads, prospects and customers. A CRM is usually structured in form of different features and categories. 

Find some examples of features and categories below. 


This is where you add all your customer accounts. Examples of information to add to each account can be company details, contact information and historical information such as email correspondence and orders. 


This acts sort of as a subcategory to accounts where you have all information about individuals that are connected to a customer account.  The kind of information that you would add to every contact may be the job-title, contact information and your historical timeline with the individual 


Activities are often connected to the CRM calendarAn activity can be used to schedule important tasks such as phone calls, meetings, follow-ups, emails etc with your customers.  


An Opportunity, sometimes called a pipeline, is a potential deal. Opportunities helps you keep track of the progress of the deal, potential value, decision dates etc.  


Leads are contacts, companies and organizations not yet qualified. A Lead is most of the time someone you have yet to contact. 

A CRM can also have many other different features. Others may be Analyses, Dashboards, integrationsprojects etc. 
Care of CRM’s CRM-system – Cirrus has all the above features and many more. Cirrus allows you to analyze different kinds of data such as sales and projects, making it easy keeping track and get a forecast of what the future may hold in store for your business. 

Read more about Cirrus here: 

To keep it simple, this is what a CRM can help you with: 

  • You’ll have information about leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, colleagues and much more in one place.  
  • You’ll have a historical timeline of every user interaction, which makes it easier to keep track of all relationships you have with your customers. 
  • If a customer is interacting with different people in your team, the CRM keeps track of previous communication, so you know where to pick the conversation back up from.  
  • It can help you manage your leads making it easier to convert them into paying customers. 
  • Your team will be able to get a general picture the organization as a whole and important information about customers making it easier for people in different teams throughout the organization to efficiently work together. 
  • A CRM-system makes it easier for you to streamline your work process which in time will make your business more successful.