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Why is a sales pipeline so important? Find out below!

A pipeline
Publicerat: 04 mars – 2020

A sales pipeline or sales process if you will, is a specific structure in which a sales rep needs to take a prospect into a sales qualified lead which then turns into a customer. It’s the most useful concept when it comes to sales and if you know how to accurately manage it, it can really help you increase revenue.

Define stages of your pipeline

Your pipe will look different depending on what business you have, but a generic example might have 5 stages which looks like this:

  • Prospects/leads – Contact leads immediately as you get them
  • Qualification – This is where you find out if they’re qualified or dropped
  • Proposal – This is the stage where you can start pitching your solution and slowly your product.
  • Commitment – This is where the lead turns in to a customer by committing to your solution
  • Sale – The deal is won, and the customer is yours.


In order to have a functioning pipeline it is important that your entire team are disciplined in using it every single day. A CRM is a great tool for this and many times there is a pipeline tool in your CRM.

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Another important thing is to keep it up to date so that you always have a relevant overview to present at your sales meetings (cycle eller pipeline kanske?). This is also important in order to get accurate forecasts and to have historical statistics to look back on to know what needs to be done in order to progress.

Lead source

You need leads consistently coming into the pipeline. Every potential customer needs to be in your pipeline. The more leads you act on, the bigger the chance at successful sales.
Having many leads also means having more lost deals, however, it also means more won deals. So, don’t get discouraged whenever you get a no.

Treat your pipeline as a baby. A baby needs constant care and attention. So does your pipeline.

  • Feed it when its empty – fresh leads
  • Burp it when its full – qualify leads
  • Change it when it needs – discard dead leads
  • Nurture it when it’s happy – qualified leads turn into sales


This is an odd analogy, but you get the gist.

Moral of the story, a pipeline is of no use unless to tend to it every single day.

”By understanding the process in detail, you can start to make it more efficient and add tools that will help your sales team to better close deals.”

How to Design a Sales Process for B2B Sales
by Up Strategy Lab & Daniel Nilsson


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