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Why you should use Gamification to level up your sales team

Publicerat: 28 augusti – 2019

Getting up and running with a new CRM might be a challenge, but there are things you can do to make it easier – gamification. By letting your team challenge each other and play games during their time at work, your chances to succeed will increase.

Gamification can be found in alot of industries today – in schools to increase the students engagement, in healthcare to motivate diabetic patients to make healthy decisions and if you take a look at your phone you’ll probably find many apps that uses this concept to get your attention. Gamification is often associated with mobile games, but there are many apps today that uses the same techniques. Social media for example – just think about what ”likes” is and how it affects a platforms users. The amount of likes doesn’t have an actual value in itself – but the feedback is uplifting and motivates you to publish more posts, right?

”The player” becomes engaged and motivated to evolve

That’s exactly how gamification works. Stimulating feeback that triggers rewarding and positive feelings. The ”player” becomes engaged and motivated to evolve, collect more points and reach the next level thanks to our natural desire for competition, performance and collaboration.

Research: games increases employee engagement

Given how effective gamification works, it’s fully understandable that more and more workplaces implements this technique in their work. When properly utilized, the competition desire can provide a real boost for the business, but also for the atmosphere among the emoployees.  According to research from Århus University employees engagement increases with competition. And in addition to stengthening the atmosphere among the employees, games have a positive impact on learning – and reduces stress.

Turn a tricky situation to an encouraging competition

So, when can you actually use gamification in your organization? Whenever you need to motivate and engage your employees. As a Sales manager, it can be used to encourage your team to use the new CRM-system – instead of the situation of being percived as difficult and tricky, the introduction of a new software can turn into an ecouraging competition. Transparency in how everyone in your team performs leads to engagement, and not to mention – the control you as a supervisor will get when you’re able to follow up and help your team develop in their work.

Want to level up your employess sales game?