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7 tips on how to write a winning sales script

Publicerat: 12 februari – 2020

Writing a sales script can be a challenge. Here are some tips to make the process easier and what to think of when creating one.

1. Who are you talking to?

First things first. Who are you going to talk to? The script should be phrased to fit the role of the person, type of business and potential challenges. For example, a Sales Manager at a large enterprise is most likely not facing the exact same challenges as a Sales Manager at a start-up. You’ll probably end up with several scripts depending on who you’re approaching with your sales pitch.

2. What’s your goal with the script?

A common mistake when writing a script is “overselling”. Even though your final goal is to sell your product or service, the goal with the script might be to “only” sell a meeting. If you need a meeting to present your product or service for example. Don’t share everything you have to offer the customer directly – stick to the goal! In this case, booking a meeting is the goal.

3. Tell them why you’re reaching out.

What problems are your prospects facing? And what can you do to help solve them? This is the purpose of your call and thus, super important to bring up early in the conversation. However, that doesn’t mean that you must tell them in detail how you can solve their problems, stick to the bigger picture at this stage. Also remember to share your customer success stories if you have them! They can help backing what you’re saying.

You need to create the feeling of urgency.

4. Why now?

Be clear on why they should act on this now. You need to create the feeling of urgency. Try to make them acknowledge that if they don’t act now – they will miss out big time. If you don’t do this, they may still see some value, but the likelihood for them to ask to get back to you at a later time is high.

5. You’re not writing a monologue

This may sound basic but, remember that you are talking to a living, breathing person. Many people forget about this. It’s super important to include the person you talking to and engage them in the conversation, otherwise they will both lose interest and focus.
So, don’t forget to add some questions and pauses in your script. It’s a dialogue, be curious!

6. Call the person by name

In order to gain and keep the focus of the prospect, make sure to mention their name throughout the conversation. It is easier to engage when someone is mentioned by name.
However, don’t overuse this, it will risk sounding unnatural and condescending.

No one likes flaky people!

7. Ask!

Make sure you’re as clear and concise as possible. Rambling and waiting for the prospect to guess why you’re calling or waiting for them to engage you in conversation is counterproductive – ask for the meeting! No one likes flaky people!
Not making it clear with why you’re calling will confuse the prospect and risk them telling you they’re not interested and hang up. Be confident!

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