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How Cirrus Objects can increase your Customer Experience

Publicerat: 26 maj – 2020

Use your CRM to give your customers the best customer experience!


Customer Experience or CX for short is a term that we use more frequent nowadays.
So, what does it mean? Well, customer experience is the total experience from all the interactions a customer has with a company, good or bad, beginning to end.


Customers these days are expecting more and more to stay loyal to your business. The power customers have today has also increased in our connected society where opinions spread faster than ever before.

The majority of our purchases are, despite what you may think, based on our emotions and our experience with the company or brand. Even if there is an amazing product that we want we are not likely to buy it if we have negative feelings about the company that sells it or even of a single person that is connected to that company in some way.

That may sound a bit scary but not if you play your cards right! This is a golden opportunity for you as a business because you have the possibility to give your customers a more extensive experience than just the basic transaction.

Nobody can keep track of all of their customers and their needs without any form of help. You could even say it’s straight up impossible. This makes your CRM incredibly valuable because it helps you on the way to make your customers feel appreciated and seen by you and your company.

So, how can a CRM, or more specifically, Cirrus help you succeed?

Using Cirrus Objects you will never miss an end date of a contract.

We are now launching Objects. Our shiny new add-on where you effortlessly keep track of your products and your contracts. As we all know by now it’s far more profitable to keep a customer than to sign a new one.

Using Objects as your assistant you have the possibility to be proactive when your contract is coming to an end. Remember that when this date is closing in it is very likely that your competitors will line up to sell in their own product.

With Cirrus Objects you will never miss an end date of a contract. You can set a well-timed reminder to reach out to your customer way ahead of your competitors.

And that is just one of the perks with this add-on. Let’s continue to learn more about how Cirrus objects can help you increase your customer experience score.

In Objects you have an easy-to-use overview of what products/services your customers have. With this data you can easily figure out which other solutions you can offer them before the customer even knows they’re missing something.
With this proactive behaviour you make your customer feel seen, heard, important and of course, taken care of.

And that’s the core of an excellent customer experience.

Click here to learn more about Cirrus Objects and how using it can move your business forward!