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New Release
Cirrus 2 version 2.5.1

Release Thursday July 2nd

Cirrus 2 version 2.5.1 is here!

In this update we’re introducing some new features, enhancements and more. Questions? Feel free to send us a message in our chat or email


Expand list views

As requested by many users, we have now made it so that you can easily expand the view of any list in Cirrus, so that you can view more than one or two rows at the time. This is especially useful for users with smaller screens.



Bulk create activities

Now you don’t have to add activities one by one any longer. This new feature allows you to select multiple contacts and create the same type of activity for all of them individually. This is a massive time saver!


New filters

We have added a few new very useful filters.

  • Account – Excluded – This filter allows you to exclude accounts you don’t want in your search results. (Sales analysis)
  • Customer Group (Contacts)
  • Tag – account (Contacts)
  • Geography (Contacts)



Overview of order statistics on dashboard

Instead of only being able to view opportunity statistics on the dashboard, you can now switch to order statistics instead.
Settings -> My account -> Dashboard/Statistics


Budget and goals combined into one

We’ve combined the overview of budget and goals on the dashboard into one. We now call it My X Goals and you can find it where the Budget info was before.


Shortcut to Sales Analysis

We have created a shortcut from the order tab on account view to the sales analysis so you quick and easy can get an overview of the sales statistic for that account. Click the gear symbol and click on Analyze.


Sorting of Goals

Keeping track of your goals are now easier with the new Sort-by function. This is especially helpful for team leaders and sales managers with lots of different goals set for their teams.


KPI to analysis

Now you can view the statistics of all your KPI’s by clicking on it. This will take you straight to one of the analyses.


This release also contains

  • Trend Indication in the analyses tools now shows more accurate results
  • Name 2 is now visible at the top of account preview page
  • Tagging users in Settings is now available
  • Business area now visible in Opportunities list view in form of a pill
  • Country and City added to the Sort by function in Accounts view


Do you have any questions about the release? Feel free tro reach out, we’re more than happy to help.