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Cirrus CRM - Version 2.4

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What's new?


New way of using filters

Probably the biggest update in this version!

If you’ve been sticking around for while, you’re well familiar with our way of putting search filters in context in the top of every page. This feature is now completely remodelled and all search filters have moved into the filters menu. This means that each view (account view, contact view, analysis, calendar etc) now has more search filters available, and all search filters can be saved as filter sets. Awesome time saver!


User Permissions

In version 2.4 we’ve remodelled the entire framework for permission management. This is a big change which opens up lots more opportunities, but it also means that we’re changing the ”old” way of controlling permissions. Since everything in Cirrus is connected to an account, the account responsible determines which users are permitted to view that account.


Workflow navigators in Leads

We've updated the workflow in Leads with navigation buttons. This simplifies the process of navigating to "Next" object when working through your leads list.


Add a new Contact in Activity

Who's in it for the shortcuts? *hand up*
Have you ever got stuck in the process of creating a new activity because you realized that the contact is not yet added in Cirrus? We've got you covered. Now you're able to add the new contact straight from the activity. Win!


Improved workflow with action pills

What is a pill? Those notes you see on your opportunities in the pipeline, in the activity view, account view etc. that remind you about actions you need to take - they are called "pills". We've made it possible to interact with the pills, and we've made them smart. What does that mean? Well, all pills gives you different information. For example - a pill might say "Desicion date has passed" in an opportunity, if you click this pill you'll be directly headed to change the date. Or for example, if the pill on an opportunity says "Activity delayed" and you click on it, you'll be headed to the delayed activity to correct it.

The pills that "warn" you about missing values, delayed actions etc. have also been highlighted in red. This will bring extra attention to what needs to be actioned.


Shortcut to connect unrelated Activities to Opportunity

Did you miss the step to connect your activity to your ongoing opportunity? No problem, head to the opportunity and the activity tab. Switch over to "show unrelated" to easily connect unrelated activities.


Add questions to Activity type

You can now add questions to specific activity types. If you have specific questions that you want the user to answer, then you'll now be able to add them so they show up in the activity modal.
For example - "Did you ask for a reference?", the questions is added to a specific activity type. Which means that the question will only appear on that specific activity type.
Perfect for easy input and streamlining the workflow.
(only available in web)


More fields displayed when adding a Contact

We've added more contact information fields in the first step when creating a new contact.


Existing titles on Contacts displayed

To minimize the risk of creating several different titles for the same work title, Cirrus now displays a list of existing titles that matches your input.
Click and use existing ones.


Articles can be seen in settings

For all of you working with quotes or orders who have articles imported to Cirrus, all existing articles can now be seen in settings. If you need to add new articles or update your articles - use the import as always.


Automatic connection to Opportunity in Activity

If you have an active opportunity with the account you're creating an activity for, Cirrus will automatically make sure to connect the opportunity for you. Less clicks! If the activity does not relate to the opportunity, you can of course unconnect them.


Make route planning easier with a map view of the Calendar

We've added the map view from the calendar. Why is this awesome? Well, many of our users are big on travel time. And making the calendar go together with all that travelling is a puzzle. Being able to have a look at the calendar from the map perspective will make route planning 10 times easier.

Other updates

This version also contains some design updates in the menu, in settings and in the overviews in general.
For example - you can mark all objects in each view with a checkbox, reach the FAQ for support in the menu etc.

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