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Important changes in Cirrus CRM version 2.4

Cirrus CRM version 2.4

We’re getting closer to 2020’s first update!

We would like to inform you about some bigger updates coming up in this update.

New way of using filters

If you’ve been sticking around for while, you’re well familiar about our way of putting search terms in context in the top of every page. This feature is now completely remodelled and all search terms have moved into filters. This means that each view (account view, contact view, analysis, calendar etc) now has more search terms available, and all search terms can be saved as filter sets. Awesome time saver!

Why have we remodelled this?

There are two main reasons behind this update.
First of all – We’re always striving to make Cirrus CRM the most modern and scaleable sales tool out there. This means that we’re putting a lot of effort in our UI/UX design and are always looking for new ways to make our features even more powerful. And this feature was in need of an update.
Secondly – A CRM holds a lot of data, and the need for more search terms has been growing with us and our users day by day. The ”old” way of presenting search terms in Cirrus CRM was unfortunately limiting to our development, which made the decision easy. We had outgrown it.
Also – the filter update fully aligns with our mission to make Cirrus CRM even more powerful for our users.


User Permissions

In version 2.4 we’ve remodelled the entire framework for permission management. This is a big change that opens up lots more opportunities, but it also means that we’re changing the ”old” way of controlling permissions.

Permission = Which accounts a user is permitted to view in Cirrus CRM.

Since everything in Cirrus i connected to an account, the account responsible determines which users are permitted to view that account.

For example;
John is only permitted to view his own accounts.
This means that he will see everything related to the accounts he is responsible for, no matter from which user.
This also means that John will not be permitted to view any information connected to accounts he’s not responsible for. Even if someone has added an activity with him set as responsible, he will not be able to view that activity of that account since he’s only permitted to view accounts and activities linked to the accounts he is responsible for.

Why have we remodelled this?

We’ve had several ways for managing user permissions in Cirrus CRM since the early days. We felt, along with feedback received from our users that it was time to make this clear and move everything to one space.


Questions about this update?

Feel free to chat with us, give us a call or send us an email. You find all contact information *here*.