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Product update - Version 2.3 - Cirrus CRM

New Release - Cirrus 2 version 2.3

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Release Friday October 4th

Cirrus 2 version 2.3 is here!
In this update we're introducing new features, enhancements, translations and more. Questions? Feel free to send us a message in our chat or email


Budget displayed on dashboard

All users with a budget will get their budget displayed on the dashboard automatically. And if you're registered as a Sales Manager in Cirrus, you'll also get the whole team's budget displayed.


Group you KPI's in custom tabs

We've improved the KPI feature with the possibility to group your KPI's in different tabs. For example if you want to collect them in teams or topics. Tabs are created and named by each user in step 4 in the "ADD KPI" process.


Create activities in bulk

In the need to schedule a lot of activities with a list of clients at the same time? We've got you covered! We've introduced this feature in the accounts view. Make your selection of accounts in the accounts view and head over to "create activity" under the cogwheel in the top right corner. Select responsible user, activity type, date and add a description. Go go go!


Open up all "More Information"

Some of our users asked for an easy way to be able to read all descriptions and results connected to activities at the same time. An awesome idea! The option "show more information" is now available in the top right corner in all activity views.


Convert quote to order

Working with quotes and orders in Cirrus? No more double workload! Just hit "create order from quote" and all info from your quote will be converted into an order, in ONE click. Winning!


Search in a result

Do you want to find a specific client in your search result? Or maybe look for that specific opportunity among everyone else in the pipeline? No probs, just search in the result!


Upload files in all categories

We've made it possible to upload files in all categories. Drag n drop or choose a file from your unit. Files can be uploaded from accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, projects, and orders. Check it out under the "Documents" tab.


This release also contains

Translations and bug fixes. Questions about the release? Send an email to, we'd be happy to answer your questions!