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Product update - Version 2.2 - Cirrus CRM

New Release - Cirrus 2 version 2.2

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Release Friday August 31

We're super excited to finally tell you more about Cirrus 2 version 2.2.
In this update we're introducing new features and enhancements. Questions? Feel free to send us a message in our chat or email


Add several articles to an order in one go

Adding a lot of articles to your order? Of course you are! We've made this process super easy. Add as many articles as you like, change up quantity, prices, dicounts and place the order with one click. We've also added the possibility to choose article group, simply because it made it easier to find the article you're looking for.


Order types

A new way of putting orders in to different categories. Create Order types in "Settings" under "Categories."



Your team not working all weekdays? Now you can make sure Cirrus understands when you are and when you're all out of office with "Working days". This makes KPI's and follow ups more precise. Set it up "Settings" under "Categories" in Cirrus.


Upload files directly in an Opportunity

Upload quotations, agreements, specifications, calculations etc. directly connected to the opportunity. You'll find the upload feature under the tab "Documents" in your opportunity. Easy to find and stored in the right place!


This release also contains:

Order import, New KPI possibilities, Translation, Bug fixes.