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Publicerat: 01 januari – 2018

Cirrus CRM – Updates and changes🥳🆕


Get to know the latest news in Cirrus CRM and learn more about what we’re putting out there.

Januari 2021

Performance Week

With Performance Week, we’ve paved the way for reaching goals with ease. Your entire team will become elites which requires continuous, challenging and structured training. Learn more about Performance Week here.

Advanced Export

With the add-on Advanced Export you’ll be able to choose exactly what data to export. Use the search terms and choose which fields you’d like to include in the exported file. You can also choose if you want to export the full search result or of you just want parts of it. Advanced Export is available in ALL list views and analyses. Learn more about Advanced Export here.

User Management

We’ve completely remodeled the list view for users in Cirrus. This to help our customers who are managing larger teams. The update will give  administrators a view that’s easier to navigate. Learn more about it here.

Stronger connection between Leads and Accounts

In the version we’ve improved the connection between a converted lead and an account. Now, when you’ve converted a lead, it be shown in a much more “straight forward” way.

Preview Resource

All list-views in Cirrus has now got this awesome, time saving feature. If you hover the cursor over any resource, a preview window opens. This window gives you fast insights about the resource. For example, if you hover over a contact, you’ll be able to see the the latest activities related to the contact, the account the contact is related to, opportunities related to the contact etc. Try it out!

Expand description and result in Activities

Not enough space to write when you’re about to summarize your meetings? We’ve got you covered. In the latest update it’s now possible to expand the window with just one click.

Upload documents from the Account

It’s now possible to upload a document (or any other file of your choice) directly from the account. An awesome request from one of our users that we decided to make reality. Thanks for that!

October 2020

Update dynamic fields in bulk

Dynamics fields are now possible to update in bulk in all views. Only your selected dynamic field will be updated, other dynamic fields will remain the same.

Navigation to update in bulk

The good old cogwheel up in the right corner is now gone. Possible actions will instead be shown automatically when you select one or more items in your list. This update is applied on all resources.

Navigation in lists

When you open a resource (account, contact, activity, order, lead etc.) a navigation bar appears at the top of the modal (only from the list view). This will simplify the workflow when processing lists, making changes, etc.

Save or Save and Close

Before this change the resource modal closed automatically when you clicked save. Now you’ll have the opportuntity to choose if you want to just save and keep working with the item, or save and close and move on to the next one.

Articles and Article groups

It’s now possible to change the sorting among your articles. You can easily change the sorting by drag n ’drop for increased readability. The articles will now also be automatically grouped by article group for clarification in navigation.

How to create a Goal has been updated

We’ve updated the design and workflow on how to create or change a Goal. The workflow now follows the same design as when you create a KPI / Key Metric.

Grouped filter sets

Your filter sets are now grouped to facilitate your navigation. The filter sets are grouped as standard, public and private filter sets.

Article package

A new field for article packages has been added when selecting articles in the add-on order. If you add an article package to your order, all articles included in that package will be added with their predefined amount with one click.

Article packages, their content and amount can be created and changed in the settings menu

May 2020

Cirrus Object

Cirrus Object is the perfect solution for companies who are selling, renting out or leasing capital goods. This add on will make proactive sales easier and reduce the risk of missing business opportunities. This update is an add on, reach out to our team and we’ll set you up for a trial.

Lead Analysis

Are you using the Add On Leads, or looking to try it out? Then this is for you! We’re now introducing a Lead Analysis that will help you get to know the teamwork on a deeper level. How many leads have been created, where are they coming from, how many has been converted, are there any leads that hasn’t been contacted? The Lead analysis combined with the custom filters will help get reporting done in a sec. This update is an add on, reach out to our team and we’ll set you up for a trial.

Tags on all resources

We’ve updated all our resources to support tags. Tags are awesome for customized segmenting and to mark up your data. Tags can also be filtered out in the filter feature. This update is added free of charge on all plans.

More options in Roles

We’ve added some new possibilities in Roles to manage what features your users have access to. For example, you can manage who can work with leads or not, who can work with projects, add new, view etc. This update is added free of charge on all plans.

Minimized main menu

This is simply a design update, with Cirrus growing the list may be long. We’ve hidden analyses and settings under a drop down to make the menu easier to overlook. This update is added free of charge on all plans.

Mars 2020

New way of using filters

If you’ve been sticking around for while, you’re well familiar about our way of putting search terms in context in the top of every page. This feature is now completely remodelled and all search terms have moved into filters. This means that each view (account view, contact view, analysis, calendar etc) now has more search terms available, and all search terms can be saved as filter sets. Awesome time saver!

User Permissions

We’ve remodelled the entire framework for permission management. This is a big change that opens up lots more opportunities, but it also means that we’re changing the ”old” way of controlling permissions.
Since everything in Cirrus i connected to an account, the account responsible determines which users are permitted to view that account. Read more here

August 2019

Add several articles to an order in one go

Adding a lot of articles to your order? Of course you are! We’ve made this process super easy. Add as many articles as you like, change up quantity, prices, dicounts and place the order with one click. We’ve also added the possibility to choose article group, simply because it made it easier to find the article you’re looking for.

Order types

A new way of putting orders in to different categories. Create Order types in ”Settings” under ”Categories.”


Your team not working all weekdays? Now you can make sure Cirrus understands when you are and when you’re all out of office with ”Working days”. This makes KPI’s and follow ups more precise. Set it up ”Settings” under ”Categories” in Cirrus.

Upload files directly in an Opportunity

Upload quotations, agreements, specifications, calculations etc. directly connected to the opportunity. You’ll find the upload feature under the tab ”Documents” in your opportunity. Easy to find and stored in the right place!

May 2019

New menu and responsive design

The reason behind this change was simple for us: The responsive design and the new menu improves the mental model in Cirrus. We’ve decided to visualize the alternatives in the menu for the user by presenting them at all time. By visualizing the menu the process of navigating in Cirrus is speeding up and we’re also cutting down clicks. The responsive design offers a full screen experience in Cirrus and better readability.

Opportunity Changes

How about getting to know all the changes in your ongoing deals? What we want to achieve here is a better understanding of every opportunity in the pipeline. A way to visualize all the changes and updates that’s been done with an ongoing opportunity. So – that’s exactly what the new opportunity changes now shows you. What’s been done? Has the potential value been changed? How fast is the deal moving forward? How many interactions has been done during the process? Is the decision date moving forward all the time? All of these questions are now answered. Opportunity changes is included for free to all of our users!

Place an order

Yes, you heard that right. Even though a CRM is traditionally not the place for handling order we’ve introduced the possibility to place an order in Cirrus. This due to a lot of requests from our users. Simply import your products in an Excel from you ERP and get going with placing orders directly in Cirrus. This is an easy way to make life easier for all the salesreps out there, no need for working in two systems (and maybe you’ll be able to cut down on licenses there). A placed order can be sent by email to the person who’s responsible for invoicing or automatically if integrated with your ERP. Order is an add-on.


Want to create a new list with leads or add a new industry of accounts in Cirrus? Look no further.
Prospecting in Cirrus is connected directly to Alla Bolags company database. This connection gives you the opportunity to search for and import a lot of companies at the same time. You can narrow your search by using predefined filters like industry, city, number of employees, trend. turnover etc. Your search can be imported as leads or accounts. Prospecting is an add-on.

KPI and Goals – Improved

We’ve expanded the possibilites in KPI and Goals in Cirrus.
In KPI it’s now possible to set up key figures connected to specific article groups and order status. We’ve also expanded KPI with the possibility to follow key metrics around leads .
In Goals we’ve included the possiblity to select order value. These updates are included for free to all of our users who has the add-on KPI or Goals!

Push notifications from the App

The app has (as you’ve probably already noticed) been gifted with push notifications. Cirrus will now notify you when your activities are due, time for action! The app is included for free to all of our users.

Integration – Zapier

This is BIG news for Cirrus and our users! We’re super happy to introduce our connection with Zapier. To simplify things, Zapier is a service that moves info between your web apps automatically. With this integration Cirrus can now be connected with +1500 other apps out there. For example Slack, Google, Zendesk, Dropbox etc. Create a Zapier account and get going right away, no developing skills needed! The Zapier integration is an add-on.

Integration – Mailchimp

No need for exporting, importing and keeping your email audiences up to date.
The connection between Cirrus and Mailchimp let’s you create your lists of recipients right where they are, in your CRM! Select the recipients you want by using the filters in Cirrus and save it as a Mailchimp list.All the emailadresses will then transfer to your Mailchimp account without any manual input. And don’t worry about keeping the list up to date, Cirrus manages the updates automatically! The Mailchimp integration is an add-on.

Integration – GetAccept

We’ve partnered up with the swedish e-sign solution GetAccept. The integration we’re releasing makes it possible to send your proposals and documents directly from Cirrus through GetAccept, and get them signed directly. GetAccept tracks the recievers actions and provides engagement features like personal videos to get that sign in place faster. The GetAccept integration is an add-on.